Tips on Choosing the Right Maid

Tips on Choosing the Right Maid

You have had a party at your home last night and you go to sleep without cleaning the home thinking that you will get up and clean at home. And when you get up, you have a severe hang over and now you are thinking where to step you foot because of the mess you and your pals created last night. This is the time when you need a maid and that person will clean your house in a jiffy and make sure that you have a house to party again. But selecting a maid is a difficult task. You must have heard a lot of stories of maids stealing things and even killing people when they build up complete trust.

Finding a maid can be easy too if you have a long list of people. And you can ask those people, if they ever hired a maid and what kind of services they gave, how much time did he/she work and how much did they charge for that and are they reliable if left house to them and questions like that. If someone gives you all the checkboxes ask for the number of the maid and talk with reference, and if they give you name of the agency make sure to verify that they are registered and have an insurance.

If you hire a maid from an agency then there is not much of a problem, if anything is stolen or broken, the company will make sure that get you either get that thing back or a new thing or at least have the money worth of it. But if you hire a maid which is working as a freelancer, make sure to ask for their id card and keep a copy of it, ask them if they will bring their kids with them if they have any, ask them if he/she has a boyfriend or a girlfriend, what are there other source of income, ask them what other employers they had and if they had ask for their contact numbers and make sure to call those people and ask for a review.

This will help you in making sure that your house is safe and no other person is coming in and out. When you hire a maid and you have some valuable things in your home, make sure to lock them up or see that they are there before you left the house. Because if it is lost and you don’t remember that you took it with you, it can end up the conversation with a blame game.

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